UV-Flatbed HD Print on 3-10mm Forex

A unique, viable, spectacular and affordable alternative to traditional ceramic tiles

    • Indoor UV stability 200 years • 100% waterproof • Fireproof • Warm-to-the-touch • Extremely flexible •

Keter Digital Tiles   
800 unique images

Keter "Plan B"
369 alternate images

Keter "Plan C"

100 visuals, 200x200 cm, printed on satin, cotton, viscose or linen

– Interior Design –

Sacred Geometry • Crop Circles
Thematic posters available in 100x100/ 150x50 or super-wide (300x40 cm) formats

Digital Rugs
Wall rugs inspired by traditional Romanian ethnographic motifs

170 digitally-framed pictures gathered from all over world

Best Posters
400 multi-themed posters, installable on any surface

Interior Design
Residential and commercial interior design projects featuring Keter Digital Tiles

Keter - Digital Tiles and Interior Design

Low-budget solutions for minimalist interior design projects of the DYI/ DIY (Design Yourself Interiors/ Do It Yourself) kind.


  • the products can be mounted on any straight surface (existing tiles, plasterboard, plaster, wood, glass, OSB boards, etc.);
  • they can also be mounted on concave/convex surfaces (niches, pillars, etc.);
  • a DIY project, without the interference of unskilled, yet expensive craftsmen;
  • the tile "joints" are created digitally, as a "trompe-l'œil", a visual illusion that reminisces traditional wall tiles;
  • in theory, as well as in practice, you can actually decorate your own house (kitchen and bathroom) for the price of a single 3x2 m forex sheet !

All products are designed and produced in Romania, and are subject to either copyright or trademark laws.

Featured Products

  • Keter Digital Tiles - 800 designs for bathroom and kitchen decoration, but which can be used virtually anywhere;
  • Keter“Plan B” - 369 designs of up to a maximum 2x3 m / 3x2 m (L) / 2x2 m (SQ), which are compatible with any forex print presented here: digital tiles for bathrooms and/ or kitchens, posters, etc.;
  • Keter Interior Design
    • Sacred Geometry and Crop Circles Posters - 30 designs that can be scaled up to 3x2 m; various images/ sizes;
    • Digital Rugs - 800 designs; they that can be affixed to walls by the bed or by the kitchen table, to protect from dirt or scratches;
    • Digital Photography - 400 original, digitally-framed “globetrotter” photographs, in sizes ranging from 59x42 cm to 91x65 cm;
    • Best Posters - 400 designs suitable for decoration and/ or gifts; these posters may be attached to any surface using double-sided tape and/ or silicone sealant; size availability: 46x32 cm and 37x37 cm;
    • Interior Design - Residential and commercial interior design projects.


The products are made to order and tailored to suit customers’ preference for design and size. They are the result of UV-flatbed high-definition prints on 3 to 10 mm-thick forex sheets. The final shapes are cut with the help of a computer-controlled router machine (CNC router).

Any order must be a multiple of a 3x2m forex sheet. Combining multiple visuals of varying sizes on a 3x2m sheet is offered pro bono.

Product Characteristics

  • Indoor UV stability of up to 200 years;
  • Molecular structure stability between 0 °C and 70 °C (when temperature rises above 70 °C, the material hardens and/ or deforms).
  • Composite PVC
  • Semi-glossy surface
  • Lightweight
    • Apparent density = 430-500 kg/m3 [26.8-31.2 lb/ft3], acc. DIN 53 479
  • Rigid
    • Surface hardness = 30-36 Shore D, acc. DIN 53 505
  • Flexible
    • Flexural strength = 15-20 MPa, acc. EN ISO 178
    • E-Modulus in flexure = 600-900 MPa, acc. EN ISO 178
  • Fire retardant
    • B1 fire rating, acc. DIN 4102
    • M fire rating, acc. NF P 92-501
  • Waterproof
  • Thickness: 3 mm [0.118 in]
  • Maximum size of a sheet: 2 030 x 3 050 mm [6.66 x 10.00 ft]

For instance, two 90x200 cm pieces (corresponding to a standard shower tub) + two 60x200 cm pieces (corresponding to a kitchen backsplash) may be transposed onto one sheet. In fact, any of the aforesaid products may be transposed in combination on a 3x2 m sheet – for example: 37 Best Posters sized 6x32 cm or 40 Best Posters sized 37x37 cm, which can be then sold en détail to the end-user.

We recommend that several products should be combined on at least two 3x2 m sheets and we can provide assistance in regarding the choice/ design/ production of the final product.

For redistributors, displaying samples in showrooms/ store is paramount. We recommend mixing several products on at least two 3x2m sheets. In this case, we can provide assistance in choosing the products/ visuals, with production, as well as a 50% discount.


Anyone with a penchant for DIY can do it. All they need are: double-sided tape and (white/ clear) sanitary silicone sealant to adhere to the chosen surface and offer protection from water (in bathrooms or kitchens for example). It takes about 20 minutes to mount the tiles of a shower cabin !

Payment & Delivery

  • Payment is done in advance;
  • Execution: 6-7 days after payment is confirmed;
  • After the products are ready, you can choose to either have them delivered by courier or you can be pick them up from the Keter Showroom.

For any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us.


  keter @ keter . ltd